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I don’t currently have any affiliations. There are a few I do hope to gain one day. I do have referral links to some products/companies I hope to get affiliate or affiliate like status. I at least get referral discounts. Check out my referral page here.

Affiliate Link #1

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Why buy from these links?

Affiliate links you find here will be products I enjoy, use, have used in the past, and or just have a fondness for them. If I list them then one or more of the conditions will apply:

What we both get

We both get something. It’s a win win. Affiliate links, and affiliate programs allow me to receive money for promoting/offering/selling products. I am not building this platform to beg or ask for money. I would rather earn money where you get something you could use, want, or need and I get financially supported and can keep doing what it is I do. Which is what again exactly? Hmm…