Different ways
can support me

How to support me

A lot of content creators rely on the support from their viewership. A lot accept donations and rely on donations in order to survive and maintain their ability to live and create content. I think that is perfectly fine, but that is not the route I want to take.

I have always thought there must be alternative ways in order to receive compensation. Alas I would say thanks to my Inspiration Harris Heller with what was previously Alpha Gaming Channel. It is now known as Sempai gaming channel I believe. His channel is thriving after finding different ways to be financed without his primary source coming from the pockets of his viewers.

So while I do accept some donations, I have many other creative ways in order for you to support me. Some are on the way. If you are going to give money shouldn’t you get a little something in return if possible?

So below you will find the ways you can support me, then more indepth information below that.
Thank you for your support!


***Coming Soon*** First to come will be a merchandise store set up on my Stream Elements Page. You will see the available items on my Merch page. As well as a link to take you there. Soon I also hope to have my own merch store directly on this page.


Here you will find a list of all affiliate links that I am connected with. When you purchase through one of my links you may either get discounts or I may get a commission. This is just another small way you can support me while getting something for yourself.


First and Foremost thank you for your donation and direct support. There are some of you who want to donate directly to me. Some may donate regularly if they choose to do so. I won't be using donations as part of a monthly budget. Instead, I will use donations towards certain goals and purchases. I will list them on this page along with the progress. This may be towards PC upgrades, camera, new desk, or some new software to help up my creators platform. I will list those plans, goals, and ways you can donate here.

Ever used an app and it says "refer your friend and when they open an account you both gain $10 off your next purchase!" Guess what? Me too! I have tons of them! Lots of different applications from websites and such that by opening an account or using it we both get rewards! So this is a "Let me help you, help me" situation. We both get something for you signing up for a service that I use. Like $10 in bitcoin for opening a Coinbase account and putting $100 in your account.


This page is where you can see active sponsors of my channel and links to their business. If you are interested in sponsoring a stream, video, or some other content arraignment you can apply here. Sponsors will get a link to their page here, as well as be featured in whatever arraignment that is discussed.